The 716 area code covers the western edge of New York State. The counties included in the 716 area code are Niagara, Erie, Cattaraugus, and Chautauqua counties. The major cities located in the 716 area code are Buffalo, Cheektowaga, Niagara Falls, and West Seneca. The overall economy of the 716 area code varies between agriculture in the more rural areas to manufacturing closer to the Great Lakes to tourism at scenic spots such as Niagara Falls. As a result of the extremely diversified economy, the living situations of the residents of the 716 area code vary greatly as well, from rural farm communities to suburbs to urban metropolitan areas.

Social and Economic Environment

Ever since large manufacturing jobs have started to disappear in the area, as they have in other areas of the Rust Belt, many of the cities and larger towns have been busy diversifying their economies by expanding into tourism, life sciences, and mass transportation, among other industries. However, manufacturing is still a large part of Buffalo’s economy, with over 25 companies manufacturing in the city and several more manufacturing in the immediate surrounding area. Buffalo is the headquarters to a number of large national corporations, as well as the US headquarters to a number of foreign corporations.

The towns of West Seneca and Cheektowaga are considered to be suburbs of Buffalo. They are both sizably smaller than Buffalo, and many of the lawyers and other professionals who live in them commute into the larger city of Buffalo.

The city of Niagara Falls was once very similar to Buffalo as a hub for manufacturing, but it has not been able to hold onto manufacturing jobs like Buffalo has and is subsequently in the process of revamping its economy and image to get rid of the appearance of being only a manufacturing city.

Despite the relatively recent drastic changes in the economies of the major cities and towns located in the 716 area code, the area of western New York State that is covered by the 716 area code is regularly being touted as one of the best areas to raise families in both New York State and in the entire nation. The variety of natural beauty found in state and local parks, the relatively low crime rate, the drier climate during the summer, and the strong community spirit present in the cities and towns in the area make the 716 area code a great place for lawyers and other professionals who want to raise their children in a less-crowded area than the cities in eastern New York, while still allowing them to have access to a major metropolitan city.

Legal Environment

There are law firms of every size located in the 716 area code, ranging from very large firms such as Hodgson Russ and Phillips Lytle to solo practitioners. Many of the lawyers in the 716 area code are very familiar with dealing with American-Canadian relations and transactions as Buffalo is the closest major American city to the large Canadian metropolis of Toronto and there are many roadways and other connection points along the Canadian-American border located along the western edge of the 716 area code.

The extreme diversity of the economy also means that there are lawyers for every type of industry that is present in the 716 area code. There are many New York lawyers that deal with international businesses, lawyers that deal with large national corporations, and lawyers that deal with small farms and local tourist attractions. These lawyers are in addition to lawyers that deal with tribal rights, personal issues like drafting wills, and workers’ rights, among other areas of law.