Located in the center of the 716 area code, the town of Cheektowaga is the second largest suburb of Buffalo, with a population of 88,226 people. Within the town limits is the entire Village of Sloan and parts of the Village of Depew and the Village of Williamsville. The name Cheektowaga is derived from the Iroquois word for “land of the crabapple tree,” and it serves as a reminder that part of the land of the town was once part of the Buffalo Creek Indian Reservation that was set up following the American Revolution.

Despite initially being an agricultural community, Cheektowaga became heavily industrialized when railroads were built during the Civil War, connecting the town with the major cities along the Atlantic coast to the east. The industrialization continued through World War II, and now there are no parts of the city that remain agricultural. As a result, the majority for the residents of Cheektowaga are from blue-collared backgrounds.

Even though the population of Cheektowaga is mostly white, many European ethnic groups are proudly represented among the inhabitants, including Polish, Irish, German, and Italian. The Buffalo Niagara International Airport is located in Cheektowaga and is one of the major employers for the town. The other major employer in Cheektowaga is the Walden Galleria, which is the largest mall in the Buffalo region. However, most lawyers and other professionals who live in Cheektowaga choose to commute into the city of Buffalo, which is convenient because Cheektowaga is connected to Buffalo by the greater Buffalo area public transportation system.

Even though the majority of Cheektowaga has been developed, lawyers and other professionals living in the 716 area code who are nature lovers enjoy visiting the Reinstein Woods Nature Reserve, which is a 292-acre nature preserve that includes forests, ponds, and wetlands. One of the more interesting attractions for lawyers and other professionals who enjoy history is the military cemetery that was created for the War of 1812. Many American soldiers from all over the United States that died in the War of 1812 are buried there. Cheektowaga’s residents regularly celebrate their cultural heritages with different events and festivals held throughout the year, such as the annual German-American Festival held every Labor Day weekend and the Polish Festival held every July and includes the annual General Pulaski parade.